Founded in 1981, Leirimetal has earned a place of international prominence in solutions for the Ceramic Industry, particularly in the branch of structural ceramics. 

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Originally from Leiria, Portugal, its main purpose is to act efficiently and practically in solving the main problems involved in manufacturing processes, and optimise and monetise all available resources towards greater productivity and competitiveness.
With a team of over 120 professionals, the services we provide include the study, design and installation of complete production facilities for the manufacture of all kinds of ceramic products using red clay as the main raw material. In particular, structural bricks, decorative bricks and accessories, high-density bricks, pressed tiles and extruded tiles, as well as other products of a specific region or country.

We always seek the best solutions to meet the real needs of our customers, and we also take a partial role in complementary projects.
Through our own business philosophy based on a premise of total service, we respond effectively to the demands of our customers worldwide.
Initially, in the eighties, Leirimetal, concentrated more on the need to develop ceramics in its country of origin, where it participated in over 50 projects and was quickly recognised for its performance, leading to rapid internationalisation.

Since 1990, Leirimetal has been exporting its solutions to various areas of the globe, in particular Central Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.
Moreover, the multitude of markets in which Leirimetal has been operating over the past 20 years reveals our ability to adapt our structure to different needs, demands, cultures and levels of industrial development. For us, it is essential to understand our customers and propose solutions that will meet their expectations and, of course, those of the market in which they operate.

Solutions for structural ceramics have always been the main focus of Leirimetal, which has gained extensive experience in this sector, leading to it becoming widely trusted by customers. At Leirimetal, we appreciate close relationships and direct dialogue between technical and economic decision makers and the customer, always establishing this communication with the same actors. The soundness and stability of the technical and commercial workforce of our company enable us to take a more reliable and long-term approach to our customers.

Leirimetal forms part of a group of two other companies with the same ownership structure specialised in different, but complementary, areas, absolutely necessary in order to provide a complete solution to the customer from the design, manufacture, testing, delivery, assembly and final commissioning of the structural ceramics production plant.

In 2010, as a response to the growing demands of the Venezuelan market, Leirimetal opened a subsidiary in Venezuela, Leirimetal Latino América C.A., where around 20 permanent employees work in the area of administration, procurement and construction.

During 2013, the company also plans to open a branch in Algiers to serve the North African market.

TECLIS, a company belonging to the LEIRIMETAL S.A. group, designs in full the electrical, automation and monitoring systems for the production plants developed. TECLIS leverages all its experience and know-how in various fields of the industry (Ceramics, Cements, Glass, Cork, Wood, ...) to produce truly innovative solutions that are also practical and effective in the Structural Ceramics Industry.

The Leirimetal Group also includes the company Estudicer, which specialises in the construction of welded steel structures: kiln carts, dryer trucks, metal shelving, metal ducts, portal frames and other ancillary equipment.