The history of our company begins with the founding of Teclis in 1973. Initially, a technical services company in the field of electricity and automation for the widest range of Industry sectors, including Structural Ceramics.
Later (1981), the founding of Leirimetal, with design and construction of machines and complete solutions for the structural ceramics industry.
The path followed in the widest variety of markets throughout these decades demonstrates the capacity and quality of our products and services.
We are confident that a bright future awaits us.

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1973 – Foundation of Teclis 
1981 – Foundation of Leirimetal
1983 – Design and Implementation of 1st automatic equipment for structural ceramics
1984 – Assembly and Commissioning of the first semi-continuous dryer in Portugal
1989 – Foundation of Estudicer
1990 – Equipment exported abroad (Angola)
1992 – Assembly of the 1st tunnel kiln
1991 – First Expansion of Leirimetal (approx. 3,500 m2 of covered area)
1996 – Beginning of activities in Spain
1998 – Celebration of 25 years of Teclis
1999 – Beginning of activities in Brazil
2003 – Beginning of activities in Algeria
2004 – Beginning of activities in France
2006 – Celebration of 25 years of Leirimetal
2008 – Second Expansion of Leirimetal facilities (approx. 6,000 m2 of covered area) 
2009 – Beginning of activities in Venezuela
2012 – Creation of Leirimetal S.A., Merger of Leirimetal and Teclis