The kiln car vacuum cleaner prevents damages in the kiln car structure. With a powerful suction force, any piece of ceramic/tile that lies on the structure is automatically cleaned, preventing any kind of damage that could jeopardize all the work/production being made.

Kiln car vacuum cleaner system


Performed by a system developed by LEIRIMETAL, prepared for different types of products, there are two different unloading posts: one for unloading cover-to-cover products and their organisation and another for unloading full packages directly to the pallet or package base.

The system is intended for packages with pallets or only packages covered with shrink-wrap. 

After unloading setters from the wagon, another gripper removes the tiles at the same time from two setters and forms a single group of 28 tiles. Then the group is bound with plastic tape for another group of machines to stack it and form a package supported on a wooden pallet. These pallets are automatically aligned. Finally, the package is wrapped in plastic through the underpart of the pallet.

Palletising - Bricks and roof tiles

Leirimetal design all the layout of the raw-material preparation line, providing the most suitable solutions for the customer’s products. Laboratories analyses of raw-material and geologic mapping of the exploitation land site are key to the success of the project.

We propose always the best reference machinery brands in the market.

Clay preparation

The well dimensioned and designed handling equipment ensures an optimal efficiency in the manufacturing line. Machinery is projected by a skilled engineering team, using full 3D software to
draw, calculate and test all solutions. Reliability and easy maintenance are intrinsic characteristics.

The tests provided in our facilities, ensures problem-free machinery, small set-up and startup times. The quality of the brands used, also speaks for us. From cutting lines (and press if it is the case), dryer load, dryer unload kiln car set-up, kiln car loading, kiln car unloading, kiln car cleaning, and palletizing, are only a small description of what we are capable to install.

Handling - clay bricks

Handling - roof tiles and cladding products

The drying process is one of the most problematic phases in the heavy clay industry.
Preparation, analysis, calculation and tests are mandatory. Each dryer solution is installed only when we have all the guarantees that it will match the customer requirements. Leirimetal doesn’t play with costumers when drying is the subject. Our experience is long. Since Leirimetal foundation we installed dozens of dryers with several types of technology or working principles. Of course, some, of initial principles have been improving, looking for better thermal and electrical efficiency. Drying time also matters. We always find the most suitable option regarding the specificities of each customer. We have not standard solutions. Each one is unique.


Used for projects with different types of products with considerable different densities, requiring different drying times. Dryer cars trays are movable.
Usually used for roof tiles, facing bricks, cladding bricks and accessories.

Suitable for large production projects. Medium and long drying times (>8 hours), allowing to work with raw material with high shrinking index.
Dryer cars trays are movable, or not, depending on the products.
Usually for medium density/high hollow bricks. Also suitable for Roof tiles and facing bricks. Low thermal energy consumption is the most important advantage.

A revolutionary continuous tunnel dryer with the advantages from both chamber and tunnel dryers. Thermal efficient, with much lower drying times. Suitable for a wide range of red clay typical products.

Classical rapid dryer. Products are placed on moving trays in circular movement between 2 tunnels. Simple solution with low investment requirement.
Lower thermal efficiency comparing with tunnel or vortex dryers.

New rapid dryer developed by Leirimetal. Lower investment compared with a Fast dryer. Similar efficiency performances.
Low drying times <2h. Suitable for hollow bricks and easy drying process raw materials.


Our kilns are designed for high-quality products with the best thermal and electrical efficiency. As for the dryer, the kiln is designed according to the needs of each raw material and customer requirements. Our kiln can be made of refractory pieces (walls and ceiling) or using refractory modular panels.

Leirimetal designs its kilns to use several types of energy source: Natural gas, coal, sawdust, diesel or heavy-oil. We work closely with various experts on burning systems, which give us the freedom to use the best solution on the market, depending on the energy source.

Leirimetal offers customers two different systems:
1: Low-density kiln cars set up using refractories pieces.
2: Metallic foundry pieces in the periphery and refractory concrete mixed with different types of insulations materials.
Although the first solution ensures improved thermal efficiency, the second one offers a longer lifetime.



The importance of supervision software is a determining factor for the performance obtained from a piece of equipment, a kiln or a dryer.
We offer our customers the best equipment on the market, which, together with the applications developed by our programming, control and robotics technicians, ensure a high level of operating efficiency,
diagnosis and interpretation.

Control and process supervision