Our kilns are designed for high-quality products with the best thermal and electrical efficiency. As for the dryer, the kiln is designed according to the needs of each raw material and customer requirements. Our kilns can be made of refractory pieces (walls and ceiling) or using refractory modular panels.

Leirimetal designs its kilns to use several types of energy source: Natural gas, coal, sawdust, diesel or heavy-oil. We work closely with various experts on burning systems, which give us the freedom to use the best solution on the market, depending on the energy source.

Leirimetal offers customers two different systems:
1: Low-density kiln cars set up using refractories pieces.
2: Metallic foundry pieces in the periphery and refractory concrete mixed with different types of insulations materials.
Although the first solution ensures improved thermal efficiency, the second one offers a longer lifetime.

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